• Goodbye Dram Club, hello Pour & Sip

    Dram Club is closing, but your journey of discovering delicious whiskies won’t stop here. Pour & Sip will keep sending you small measures of something delicious each month. From live tastings and exclusive content, to member-only discounts and rewards, you'll get so much more!

Hello, and welcome to Pour & Sip!

Don’t be too sad about saying goodbye to Dram Club, because it’s paved the way for bigger and better things – specifically Pour & Sip! You’ll still get five delicious, hand-picked whisky tasters each month, but Pour & Sip offers so much more than that, too.

You’ll be set up with a Welcome Pack containing two Glencairn tasting glasses and a whisky tasting guide, while each taster comes with its own detailed tasting card. Get stuck into our whisky-loving community, read exclusive content while you sip (think interviews, distillery spotlights, and more), join fun, informative live tastings and find delicious member-only discounts on full bottles at the Member Store.


Dram Club is closing, but Pour & Sip will offer you so much more!

What you’ll get Dram Club Pour & Sip
5 x 30 ml drams delivered each month
Welcome Pack with free tasting glasses
Live tastings twice a month
Exclusive access to Member Store discounts
Loyalty rewards scheme
Blogs, interviews, booze news, and more
An interactive whisky community
Detailed tasting cards & distillery spotlights

How Pour & Sip works

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