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    If you want to know more about our journey or how a team of whisky geeks developed something awesome, you’re in the right place!

About Us

Pour & Sip is powered by a passionate group of whisky experts. We love sharing our discoveries and bringing people in the whisky fold. Whether you’re new to whisky and looking to try something new, or a seasoned connoisseur wanting to delve deeper into the spirit - we’re here to take you on that journey.

Pour & Sip was developed by the team behind Drinks by the Dram and Master of Malt, and as you know, we love tasting new whiskies as much as we enjoy re-appreciating long-time favourites. We know we are incredibly lucky to taste as many impressive whiskies as we do, so we decided to take as many people as possible on this flavour adventure with us.

Each month, we’ll curate a set of five 30ml tasters that we think you’ll love, and ship them directly to your door. We’ve hand-picked every single dram, so you can be sure that each is a small measure of something wonderful.

Our live tastings happen twice a month and are a huge part of our culture and proposition, we hope to see you there so we can share our thoughts about the next drams. 

Join us today!

 Kristy and Andrew at Pour & Sip Whisky Live Tasting