Gift Subscriptions

£29.95 per box

From £89.85 Regular price

Free Gift with 3-Month: Christmas Whisky Tasting Set worth £25.95

Free Gift with 6- and 12-Month: Premium Christmas Whisky Tasting Set worth £56.95

It’s never been easier to give the gift of whisky, because you can now delight your fellow whisky enthusiast with our wonderful gift cards! 

It’s simple: once you’ve chosen which subscription you’d like to give, you send it to the lucky recipient and they can redeem it. We know that gifts are all about making someone feel special, so you can personalise your message inside for that extra touch.

If the special occasion isn’t for a while, no worries – you can choose the exact date that the gift will fly into their inbox, so you’ll never be too early (or late!). If you’re more of a paper person, you have the option to print it off, too. 

Along with the gift card, we’ll send over all the details on how to redeem it (which they can do right here), so all you have to do is sit back and watch the joy unfold*!

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