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Stauning El Clásico

Stauning El Clásico

0.7l, 45.7%

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Product details

An experimental rye from the Stauning distillery, based in Denmark! El Clásico is said to be the world’s first rye whisky matured in ex-vermouth casks, so this is pretty special. The idea behind the expression was that rye whisky and vermouth go so wonderfully together in a Manhattan cocktail, why not combine them in another way?

The whisky itself is made with 51% malted rye and 49% malted barley (both harvested in the village of Stauning), so while there’s a generous dose of spice, the high proportion of malted barley mellows things out. After an initial maturation in virgin American oak, it’s finished in ex-Spanish vermouth casks. The sweetness of the grains coupled with the herbaceous bitterness of the cask finish makes for a well-rounded, thoroughly enjoyable sipper.

Flavour profile










Orange marmalade, spiced stewed apple, touches of red fruit sweetness, and cinnamon fudge.


Dried cherry, dark toffee, and more orange citrus, with a crack of black pepper bringing some heat.


A touch of herbaceous vermouth bitterness appears, with toasty oak bringing warmth.