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Glen Moray Rhum Agricole Cask Finish Project

Glen Moray Rhum Agricole Cask Finish Project

0.7l, 46.3%

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Product details

Glen Moray has a few cask finishes under its belt, and this is a particularly unique one – originally matured in American oak, the Speyside single malt was rested in casks which previously held rhum agricole for around 24 months before bottling!

The casks originated from St James distillery in Martinique, and held the rhum for between 10 and 18 years before being shipped over to Scotland. Rhum agricole is a style of rum produced in the French Caribbean islands from freshly-squeezed sugar cane juice (rather than molasses), bringing a flourish of bright, grassy, tropical freshness to the whisky. It was released as part of the distillery’s Curiosity Collection, and it sure is an intriguing, unusual delight.

Flavour profile










Pear drops and overripe banana, with buttery shortbread, frangipane, coconut, and cut grass freshness.


Foam banana sweets, peppery spices, treacle toffee, and candied ginger, with a burst of lime alongside dried pineapple.


More ginger spice, balanced by melted brown sugar and ripe pear.