What are Pour & Sip rewards?

Pour & Sip rewards are our way of saying thank you to our wonderful community whisky lovers that have joined our club! It gives members the opportunity to earn points to either spend on their next subscription box or at our Member Store to purchase a full-sized bottle they love.

How do I join Pour & Sip rewards?

All our members are automatically enrolled into our rewards programme! As long as you create an account with us, you will earn points every month.

How do I earn points?

Points will be earned by completing actions such as creating an account, purchasing something at our Member Store, following us on social media or referring friends to join the club. We have an amazing referral system so the more friends you refer to join the club, the more points you’ll earn to put towards your rewards! You can keep track of all the ways you can earn points with us when you log in to your account, simply click on “My Rewards” and go to “Earn”. The longer you stay with us, the more points you collect!

How do I know how many points I have earned?

Your points are displayed in the “My Rewards” section of your account. You can take a look at the history of points you’ve earned by going to the “History” tab – then you can start thinking about what you’d like to spend your points on! 

How do I claim my rewards and redeem my points?

Congratulations on getting a reward – amazing whiskies are waiting for you! Once you’ve earned enough points and they are all approved, you can simply go to “Reward” in your “My Rewards” section to choose a reward. You will have a selection of different rewards to either be used on your next subscription or on a product you’d like to treat yourself to from our Member Store. You can only use one reward per transaction, though as a member with an active subscription, you will always get free shipping!  

What are the rewards options to choose from?

Depending on how many points you’ve earned, you can choose from either £5 or £10 vouchers or 10% and 20% off – these can be used either at our Member Store or on your next subscription box. 

Why have some of my points disappeared?

Oh no! It looks like either you or someone that you have referred has returned a purchase, or cancelled an order or subscription with us.

What sort of discounts will I be able to get with the rewards?

You can choose how you use your rewards – you can either redeem them to spend in our Member Store or on your next subscription box. Whichever one you go for, you can choose from either £5 or £10 vouchers or 5% and 10% off.